Tech Upgrades Benefit Machine Tool Transport

Machine TransportLTL truckers really have their work cut out. Aside from the long hours, there is also quite a bit of risk involved. According to a report by US News, truckers are involved in 250,000 crashes in the United States every year. The good news is that very few of these accidents result in a fatality. Many of the accidents, though, result in delays or damage to freight. Luckily, the number of fender benders is expected to drop as tech upgrades for the freight industry become more commonplace.

Blind Spot Detection

Most truckload line haul services are now adding blind spot detection systems to their trucks. This includes other advanced features like lane departure warnings.  This system alerts drivers if they’re slowly veering off road.

Extra Set of Eyes

The auto company Volvo is also in the midst of developing new safety systems that utilize real-time data gathered through cameras and radar systems. This serves as an extra set of eyes that scan and warn drivers of road hazards or the presence of pedestrians. According to Volvo’s research team, roughly 90% of large truck accidents are caused by human error. The wide-scale use of new safety systems will hopefully bring that percentage down.

The tech giant Samsung has developed a screen display which is placed in the rear of tractor trailers, allowing cars behind to see the road ahead that’s blocked by the trailer.

Cutting-Edge Machine Freight Tech Upgrades

As a freight broker, Machine Transport is completely up-to-date with the latest news in the industry. Contact us to arrange for your next machine tool transportation. As common carriers and line haul shippers invest in the latest tech upgrades, they’ll improve day-to-day function and prompt delivery of your machine tools across North America.

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