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The photo above was taken at Dave’s wedding in October 2008.

From left to right; Brett, Ty, Katrina, Dave and Keith.

Did you know:

Brett can balance a canoe on his chin, spin a coffee table on his finger, balance a chair on his toe and juggle?  He can do dumb stuff too.

Ty once owned and operated a pool hall.  Now he is a police officer and his father Darrell Hughes took his place at MTI.

Keith is such a University of Washington Huskies fan that he wears one purple sock and one gold sock every day.

Dave and Brett have no delusions about the Washington State Cougars ever being bowl contenders.

Katrina has a degree in Zoology from UW, so she is qualified to work with monkeys.

Dave says the best three years of his life was 5th grade.

Ever wonder who that is you’re hearing while on hold?  They are all comedians including Brian Regan, Jeff Caldwell, Allan Sherman & Steven Wright.