Machine Tool Shipping–Quote vs Rate

machine tool shipping

In machine tool shipping there’s a difference between freight quote and freight rate, even though the two terms are often used interchangeably. Understanding the difference is key to avoid being overcharged.

What’s the Difference between a Quote and a Rate?

A shipping quote is what the total transportation cost SHOULD be, based on the information you submitted to the shipper. This includes fees associated with the total cargo weight, distance traveled, and services used. The shipping rate, on the other hand, is what the shipment ACTUALLY costs and is printed on the final invoice.

Watch for Common Errors

In a perfect world, the freight quote would match, or almost match, the freight rate. When the figures match, there’s no problem; both the client and shipper are happy. When there’s a difference in the two figures, however, this causes problems, problems that could have been avoided.  Common causes for inconsistencies between quote and rate include the cargo not being accurately weighed, measured or prepped. Another cause stems from services used and signed for by the consignee but not included in the freight quote. To avoid this trouble, always be sure your consignee is up to date with the exact services used and paid for upon delivery. Clear communication is the key to preventing the carrier or line haul shipper from tacking on hidden and additional fees.

Hire Machine Transport to Coordinate Machine Tool Shipping

When shipping intricate and expensive machine tools, it’s important to use line haul carriers who know what they’re doing. Machine Transport works with the best carriers in the industry to ensure your machine tool gets shipped safely and smoothly, allowing your operations to stay on schedule.  Contact us today to learn more about us!

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