Warehouse Cost Operations: Maximizing Efficiency While Keeping Overhead Down

Warehouse Cost OperationsChoosing between LTL and dedicated truck transport shipping is only one of many daily decisions that influences company overhead. As a business owner, you have to be strategic with your outgoing inventory in order to keep costs down.  Warehouse cost operations also include handling in-house inventory, staff management, and the use of equipment and technology.


Labor accounts for about 50% of overhead costs. It only makes sense, therefore, to maximize investment in this area. Here are a few ways to improve employee productivity.

  • Consider flextime schedules to give employees more flexibility
  • Cross-train employees
  • Invest in formal training and certification/re-certification
  • Closely monitor individual employee productivity
  • Enforce safety/OSHA protocols
  • Reward employees who perform well (e.g. volunteer for overtime work, seldom call in sick)

Equipment Use

Are you optimizing equipment use? Does equipment regularly breakdown and bring operations to a halt altogether? Be sure you maximize your use and handling of all equipment.

  • Minimize malfunction with regular inspections by a service vendor
  • Consider short-term rental or leasing instead of buying
  • Make equipment perform double-duty

Daily Operations

Evaluate your daily operations to determine what needs improving.

  • Employ warehouse management software to cut down on logistical error
  • Regularly slot and re-slot depending on sales trend and frequency of use; restructure rack configurations if necessary
  • Keep supervisors on the floor at all times to minimize employee misconduct
  • Enforce best package-handling practices to reduce inventory damage
  • Implement bar coding or RFID scanning to improve stock keeping unit (SKU) tracking

We’ll Help You Save on Warehouse Cost Operations

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