Less Than Load (LTL) Freight Line Haul Less Than Load (LTL) Freight

As a freight broker with established relationships with multiple motor carriers, we arrange the type of machine tool transport service that best meets your exact needs. If the machine tool you’re shipping doesn’t require the entire length or load limit of the trailer, Less Than Load (LTL) Freight Truckload service may be right for you.

Less than Truck Load or LTL service entails other freight loaded onto the same trailer that your machine tool is on. This is the most common service for shipments that don’t require the weight or deck space of the entire truck and can be the most economical choice.

Unlike common carriers, your freight isn’t unloaded and loaded several times between shipping centers and warehouses and other trucks. There are no stops beside the pickup and delivery of the other freight sharing the deck space. This level of service is economical because you only pay for the amount of deck space and weight your machine tool needs, and you share the expense of shipping with others.

Less Than Load (LTL) Freight | InternationalIf you have a machine tool that’s over the weight limit for common carriers or you don’t want your machine to be crated and stacked, LTL machine tool shipping may be the right choice. Call us to discuss your project or to schedule machine tool transportation today.

Machine Transport, Inc. is not a motor carrier or a freight forwarder. We are a bonded freight broker licensed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Less Than Load (LTL) Freight Machine Tool Transport

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