Machine Tool Transport Services

Machine Tool Transport Services

No matter whether you have a single piece of equipment or are a manufacturer or dealer with multiple shipments per day we are ready to assist you with the level of service you demand.

Dedicated Truck Service

Machine Tool Transport Services | Logistics Management  With this level of service, there will be no additional freight loaded on the truck and no additional stops for loading or unloading.  You may define the pickup time and the required delivery date and time.  This may require a team of drivers to meet your deadline.  This premier service is the most costly, but is offered  to meet your exact needs when timing is critical.

Truck Load Service

This level of service allows you to specify a loading schedule and delivery schedule. Other freight may be added to the same load, but only as long as it doesn’t conflict with your specified schedule. This service gives you the control over the schedule and is more economical than the Dedicated Truck Service.

LTL (Less than Truck Load)

Less than Truck Load or LTL freight is the consolidation of your freight with other shippers’ freight loaded onto the same trailer. This is the most common service for shipments that do not require the weight or deck space of the entire truck and can be the most economical way to price your load.

Oversized Loads – Not all cargo and machinery fits in a box. More often than not equipment dimensions are irregular, and our contracted carriers provide the right trailers to ensure oversized cargo fits correctly in or on the truck and complies with the transport regulations of the cities and states the freight passes through.

machine transport | International Border Crossing Multi-axle load – Multi-axle trailers accommodate the weight of exceptionally heavy cargo. Even so, some equipment may have to be broken down to distribute weight and comply with Department of Transportation regulations.

Logistics Management – Complex transportation laws can often make your head spin. As a freight broker, our carriers sort through the logistics and make sure your cargo is properly loaded according to state and federal regulation. We also help acquire the proper transport permits.

International Border Crossing – The carriers we engage operate throughout North America, including Canada and Mexico. The logistics and paperwork involved with international transport can be plentiful and tricky, but we help with it all, including customs and inspections.

Typical machine tools we transport include:

Machining centers
Commercial printing presses
Milling machines
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines

Press brakes/shears
Wire and electrical discharge machines
Fabricating machines
Lathe machines

Industrial lasers and more

Machine Transport, Inc. is not a motor carrier, nor a freight forwarder. Instead, we are bonded and licensed as a freight broker through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).