How to Avoid Additional LTL Freight Fees

Don’t Get Blindsided by Surplus LTL Freight Fees

To avoid additional LTL freight fees, be certain your machine tool awaiting transport is measured down to a T and prepared for shipment. This is especially relevant when arranging for LTL shipping.

Measure, Double Measure, and Triple Measure

Be Certain your freight is measured exactly and packaged according to LTL carrier specifications. All freight must be securely wrapped so that it can be safely transported on the open road. Once your freight is wrapped and protected from the elements, be sure to get a precise measurement of the height, length and weight. Accurate measurements are vital; carriers will often re-measure and weigh your freight using a laser instrument. If the measurements are significantly different than what you listed, then expect to get hit with a penalty fee.

Finally, have all freight ready to go by the loading dock. This will make the job easier for the riggers, movers, and the line haul driver. It also prevents delays and expedites the process, especially for the riggers. This helps you save money if you are paying the rigging crew by the hour.

Measure Diligently to Avoid LTL Freight Fees

Let Machine Transport be the middle-man between you and the freight carrier. Due to state and federal shipping laws, logistics can become extremely cumbersome. Leave this part to us; on your end, just focus on getting your cargo measured and ready by the designated pickup time.

Machine Transport can arrange for the right services depending on the specifications of your freight. We work with carriers that have the right equipment and trailers to ensure your cargo is shipped according to regulations. The carriers we arrange on your behalf also provide dedicated trucks for more expedient delivery. Whatever you’re shipping, take the time to acquire accurate measurements to avoid additional LTL freight fees.

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Posted on March 17, 2020 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business