Machine Tool Relocation: Why You May Need to Move Your Equipment

machine tool relocation, machinery relocationAt some point, you may need to move a heavy piece of machinery or an appliance, such as a commercial HVAC unit. After years in the industry, we are familiar with the most common reasons for machine tool relocation. Here are some reasons that may warrant transporting machinery.

Changing Facilities

As a company expands, it may relocate to a new facility. That means all of the equipment comes along. Most materials, such as furniture, can be transported in a typical moving truck. However, machine tools, forklifts, or other prohibitively heavy items, will require transport via trailer, even if it’s just moving a few blocks.

Equipment Upgrading

Like cars, new models for machine tools emerge every now and then. If your existing equipment is nearing the double digits in age, then an upgrade may be in order. You may need to rely on a dedicated truck transport to bring the new machine tool in and haul the old one out.

Removing Equipment

Aside from upgrading, warehouses may also part with their existing equipment for other reasons. They may sell the equipment and have it shipped to the buyer. Alternatively, the company might be going out of business and clearing out their facility.

Repairs and Return

Machine tools in use every day experience severe wear and tear. Repairs and general maintenance may require service outside of your industry expertise. Therefore, transport to a repair facility is in order.

Just as you may need to repair machinery, you may also need to return it at the end of a leasing contract. It’s not unusual for warehouses to lease their machine tools instead of investing in a purchase.

Let Us Assist With Your Machine Tool Relocation

Whatever your reason for moving equipment, call Machine Transport. Get a free quote online as you arrange your next transport. Machine tool relocation is a common practice, and we ensure that your valuable equipment arrives safely to its destination.

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