Flatbed Freight Shipping: A Beginner’s Guide

flatbed freight shipping, flatbed shippingAt some point, a broker may suggest flatbed freight shipping. This is a term that few people are familiar with. Here is some helpful information about the ins and outs of this method and why it’s often the recommendation for many machine tool transport companies.

What Is Flatbed Freight Shipping?

A flatbed is a type of trailer designated for machine tools, cars, and construction vehicles. The trailer may be necessary for transporting freight that may not fit within the confines of a typical LTL truck.

Many machine tools, such as commercial metal lathes, hobbing machines, and drill presses are exceptionally large and irregularly shaped. These require transport on an open flatbed trailer.

Preparing Your Freight for Flatbed Shipping

When speaking with a broker, provide as much information as you can about your freight. This helps the broker determine whether a flatbed is necessary and if so, which type. The nature of the freight also determines other shipping requirements. For example, some freight may require a tarp.

You also need to know the exact dimensions of the freight in order to determine the appropriate trailer type. Flatbeds range from 48 to 53-feet in length and can accommodate freight with a height up to 8’6”. Be as descriptive as possible about your freight when speaking with a broker.

Loading and Unloading

Freight that requires transport via open trailer often requires specific loading and unloading procedures. This may include the use of a crane and special rigging operations. Prep your rigging crew on the day of shipment to prevent unnecessary delays.

Let Us Assist You With Your Next Flatbed Freight Shipping

Contact Machine Transport for your next outbound machine tool shipment. Your freight may not be suitable for a traditional carrier or linehaul shipper due to a combination of size, weight, and shape. In this instance, we may arrange for flatbed freight shipping.

Open Trailers for Machine Tool Transport

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