How to Handle a Freight Claim

machine-transportYour warehouse may receive incoming very often. If what you receive is damaged or portions of it missing, then you need to file a freight claim. There are important steps that need to be taken to ensure you are compensated for any damage that resulted during the transportation.

Inspect, Inspect, and Inspect Some More

Always inspect the freight the minute it arrives. Note any damages and take pictures to document the condition of the cargo upon arrival. Include identifying labels when taking photos. You also need to list all damages on the bill of lading (BOL). Include as much detail as possible and submit the BOL to the common carrier service you used or the broker.

Most importantly, do not sign the portion of the delivery receipt that confirms the freight was received in acceptable condition.

Act Fast

The freight claim should be submitted right away. This gives the carrier time to mitigate financial losses by promptly returning, redelivering, or salvaging the freight. If you delay, your claim may be denied on the grounds that you did not give the carrier sufficient time to mitigate the value of your claim.

Keep the Freight

While it may take up valuable warehouse space, you need to hold onto the freight until the matter is resolved. The carrier has the right to salvage, and if you dispose of the freight, then you forfeit your claim.

The Carmack amendment is an important law to be familiar with. It states that all parties, including carrier, shipper, consignee, logistics provider, etc., act in good faith to mitigate damages and associated costs.

Let Us Help With Your Freight Claim

As transport brokers, Machine Transport is more than familiar with the complex nature of filing a claim. This is why we only coordinate with LTL and dedicated transport services that have a stellar record of timely and safe cargo delivery. Call us today and let us help you if you need to handle a freight claim for machine tool transport services.
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