Why Every Company Should Adopt Lean Transportation Strategies

Lean Transportation │ Machine TransportLean thinking is a business model. Essentially, the principles focus on maximizing value to the consumer while keeping waste (in both time and resource) to a minimum. This model can be applied in the warehouse where inventory management and outgoing shipping is a daily affair. When applied in this sector, the model is known as lean transportation.

Best Lean Transportation Practices

Reduce Transportation Travel Time

As stated above, lean thinking is about reducing waste. If your shipment is taking longer than necessary to reach your client, then that is waste. Consider the types of trailers and trucks available. Also consider the routes the carrier normally travels. Is it carrying other cargo and dropping those off before dropping off yours? Depending on your budget, load, and priority, a dedicated truck transport or truck line-haul service may be more efficient for making timely deliveries. Continue Reading →