How to Prepare for Heavy Equipment Shipping in North America

Heavy Equipment Shipping North AmericaShipping heavy equipment around the country is no easy task and must be done correctly. Aside from picking the right shipping company, you also need to prep the machine. Knowing how to prepare for heavy equipment shipping can help make your shipment a success. 

Clean and Drain the Equipment

Before you ship your equipment, make sure it is completely cleaned and drained of any and all fluids. This will ensure that it arrives at its destination clean and doesn’t leak in transit. It will also help keep the weight of the equipment down, which can be a big money saver.  

Label Everything 

If there are any special instructions or considerations for your equipment, be sure to label things properly. This will help the shipping company protect it and also help the buyers reassemble it correctly. It is always a good idea to be too informative rather than not informative enough with a shipping project like this.  

Remove Detachable Parts

Any detachable parts on your equipment should be removed and packed separately. This way, you can be certain that nothing will be lost in transit or fall off in the truck. 

Need Help With Heavy Equipment Shipping in North America? 

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Posted on July 18, 2023 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business