Key Points for Wide Load Transportation in the U.S.

wide load U.S.Does your machine transportation constitute a wide load? While specifications may differ state-to-state, a wide load is generally any shipment requiring a trailer greater than 2.59 meters wide. Here are some key points to consider when dealing with a wide load, also known as an oversized load.

Know the Legal Limits

The legal load limit for each trailer type is fairly consistent state-to-state. Freight generally cannot exceed a width of 8.5-feet. Maximum length is 48 to 53-feet depending on the state. Always check your state regulations AND the regulation of any states included in the travel route.

Determine the Weight Limit

Maximum weight is usually 46,000-pounds. However, freight may still exceed the limit even if it’s below that weight. Weight restriction also applies on a per axle basis. You may have to adjust the load to redistribute weight and eliminate the need for a special permit.

Study the Route and Schedule

In some states, wide loads can only be on the road during certain hours. The time of permitted operation is usually 30-minutes before sunrise and 30-minutes after sunset between Monday and Friday. With that in mind, plan your shipment to work around weekends and holidays.

Study the route’s general traffic activity during the hours of your shipment. Delays aren’t uncommon and are all the more reason to plan ahead.

Know the Requirements for Special Markings

Wide loads also require reflective flags or lights to increase visibility and alert other drivers of their presence. If escort vehicles are required, they may also require flags or other markings.

Our Carriers Accommodate Wide Load Shipments

Contact Machine Transport for a quote if you have an oversized load. Most of the carriers we work with have the flatbeds necessary for accommodating loads beyond the normal limit. Wide load transports require more logistics planning, and that’s where we come in. Contact us today for more information about our services.

Logistics for Wide Load Shipments in the U.S.

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