Preparation Tips for Heavy Haul Freight in the U.S.

heavy haul freight U.S.In the transportation industry, the term “heavy haul freight” refers to an exceptionally large and wide load. Machinery, warehouse vehicles, and manufacturing equipment fall under this category. Due to the freight’s extraordinary size, weight, and dimensions, special preparations are in order.

Arrange the Appropriate Carrier

LTL is likely insufficient for transporting heavy haul freight. Depending on the nature of the freight, the cargo may require a certain type of trailer with a flatbed. In some instances, the carrier may classify the freight as a “super load.” The definition of a super load differs depending on the region. In any case, you’ll need to acquire a state oversize permit. Visit this site for specific definitions of a super load by state.

Heavy Haul Freight Preparation Tips

  • Plan ahead—this cannot be overstated. Plan all heavy haul shipping weeks or even months in advance. This gives you ample time to handle permit requirements, which can take several weeks for approval.
  • Know the exact dimensions—Be sure to have the measurements down to a T. The difference of a few inches can completely change the type of permit you need or alter the route.
  • Identify loading requirements—does the freight require the use of a crane? Do regulations require the use of specific materials, such as a tarp, braces, or tie down points?
  • Identify other requirements—depending on the freight and state rules, regulations may call for additional requirements. These might include a shipper’s letter, pilot car escort, route and engineering survey, and sketch of shipment.

We’ll Square You Away

As a freight broker, Machine Transport will help you organize a heavy haul or super load shipping. We’ll identify the exact type of carrier you need and explain all the logistical requirements. Contact us today for a free consultation.

The Best Carriers for Heavy Haul Freight in the U.S.

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