Why U.S. Manufacturers Are Using Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence U.S.

More and more businesses in the transportation industry are using business intelligence solutions to augment their income. Business intelligence means being more intelligent about your business. One example of a BI tool is using cloud data services as a form of data storage. Cloud integration can reduce downtime, increase productivity, and increase revenue.

Business Intelligence Benefits for Manufacturers

Besides storage, cloud vendors also offer BI tools that compile data and convert them into meaningful reports so you don’t have to. These tools automatically compile data into easy-to-read charts or graphs to instantly determine the latest trends.

Store Data Safely in a Single Location

Using cloud services means all your data, from invoices and bills of lading to outgoing dedicated truck shipment information, is stored in the same place. With this system, everyone stays on the same page and data is updated and collected in a single spot. Most cloud vendors also implement the latest security applications to prevent hacking. Cloud-based business intelligence solutions automate many tasks which previously had to be completed manually. Your employees’ time will be better spent conducting inventory or prepping freight for a pending LTL shipment.

Capitalize on the Newest Technology to Improve Daily Operations

Machine Transport uses the latest cloud and BI solutions for managing day-to-day operations. We’re able to keep track of the monstrous amounts of data from our clients across North America, and we’re able to stay on track when arranging shipments with the dozens of common carriers and line haul shippers we collaborate with. Cloud solutions for manufacturers is the way of the future. Contact us for more information on all our services. We’re a bonded freight broker licensed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Business Intelligence: Technology Innovations for the U.S. Manufacturing Industry

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