U.S. Reefer Freight Shipping at a Glance

reefer freight U.S.Reefer freight is any shipment that requires temperature control. The most common products requiring temperature control are meat and produce. However, there are many medical, and pharmaceutical goods that also require temperature controlled settings to maintain value. Other temperature controlled goods include valuable pieces of art, chemicals, and care products.

Reefer Freight Shipping Is Essential

Food is an essential, as are pharmaceuticals. There is a steady need everywhere. And because these products are always moving, you don’t see slowdowns with reefer freight, even during the holidays.

Refrigated Shipping Rates

Because temperature-controlled freight can be more valuable, the loads can pay a trucker more per mile than dry freight. This is true for several reasons related to temperature management. For one thing, this type of freight can be fairly delicate. For example, ice cream or strawberries must stay within a very precise temperature range to stay fresh. Frozen foods need to ship at -10 degrees F. Strawberries typically need to stay between 32-36 degrees F. If its only16 degrees F outside, and the freight needs to be maintained at 32 F, the reefer technically acts as a heater.Temperature requirements add complexity and additional steps to these loads.

We’ll Connect You with the Best U.S. Reefer Shippers

Contact us at Machine Transport if you have outbound freight for temperature-sensitive items. Arrangements are more complicated than standard freight. We’ll connect you with a common carrier or line haul shipper that can pick up your reefer freight at the desired schedule and rate. Machine Transport is not a motor carrier or freight forwarder. We’re a bonded freight broker, licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

U.S. Reefer Freight Shipping Experts 

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