Winterize Your U.S. Shipment for Stormy Weather

machine-transport-U.S-LTL-shipping-freight-deliveryAlthough meteorologists are predicting less snowfall this year, we can still expect heavy snowfall and blizzards in some areas. Inevitably, heavy snowfall leads to traffic conditions which cause delays. That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead to prevent delays and winterize your shipment.

Monitor Weather Conditions

Monitor the conditions of the weather where your freight is headed. If you can’t drive your car on the roads, the truck drivers carrying your goods can’t navigate them either. Shipments between two warm climate areas like Florida and California may have to travel through snow-laden states like Colorado.

Expect Longer Transit Times

Even if a shipment says 5 days, expect the chance it’ll take longer, and build in extra time to your processes to accommodate a delay. It’s easier to deal with a customer who’s getting their product or order early than one complaining because it’s late.  This isn’t always an option for every business or product, but it can be the lowest cost option if you don’t want to change how you ship. If you absolutely have to have a shipment by a certain date, you should be able to request guaranteed arrival for your shipment. This provides insurance that your shipment is the first on the truck, which means if there’s a window for your shipment to leave on time, yours are the ones that will make it in that window.

Arrange to Have Your Freight Delivered on Time in the U.S.: Winterize Your Shipment

Contact Machine Transport to make arrangements for your next delivery. We work with line haul shippers.  Because of their experience with machine tool transportation, they’ll find a shipper that’s right for your needs. We’re also on top of the latest forecasts and can help you winterize your shipment to reduce the likelihood of a delay.

We Winterize Your Shipment for Less than Ideal Weather in the U.S.

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Posted on December 18, 2020 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business