Freight Industry Adopts Platooning Technology in the U.S.

Platooning technology U.S.When driving in fleets of two to five trucks, dedicated truck transport operators tend to drive in a tight formation. This is done to minimize the distance between trucks, which allows the big rigs to catch a slipstream and cut back on fuel use. Truck makers are currently investing in platooning technology. This allows truckers to tailgate in a fleet in a safe manner.

Platooning Technology at a Glance

This new technology consists of a combination of radar, active braking, and vehicle-control algorithms that digitally link the trucks together. For example, if the lead truck brakes, the one behind it mimics the action by employing the automatic brakes. This keeps the trucks in close quarters to reduce wind resistance while also preventing the possibility of a collision from following too closely.

The Mastermind Behind This Technology

Platooning technology is currently under development by Peloton Technology. The name “Peloton” is derived from the term that describes bicyclists who travel in a tight group to reduce wind resistance, thereby reducing energy expenditure.

Potential Pushbacks

Platooning technology has met with wide praise but also with some skepticism. The state of Missouri, for example, has banned testing the technology on its roads. The technology may also run into legal hurdles. Some states require trucks to retain a separation of two to three seconds; platooning technology keeps the trucks closer. The American Trucking Association has also expressed interest in the technology but is not endorsing it.

Big Changes Taking Place in the Shipping Sector in the U.S.

Technology is rapidly changing the face of the industry.  Contact Machine Transport to schedule your next shipment. The LTL and truckload line haul service we work with are benefiting from innovative technology. Platooning technology is one such innovation that may reduce operational costs; this may trickle down to lower service fees for companies like yours.

Platooning Technology and the Latest Shipping Innovations in the U.S. 

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Posted on October 17, 2020 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business