What Are Transportation Accessorial Charges?

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Depending on the carrier or linehaul shipper, some transport costs may include additional transportation accessorial charges. What is this excess fee and why is it a part of my invoice? Learn about this fee and when it may apply.

Transportation Accessorial Charges Explained

A carrier’s main job is driving. However, their duties extend beyond getting behind the wheel. They also have to load and unload trailers, prepare pallets, and make additional stops. These extra tasks usually aren’t a part of the per-mile rate. They shouldn’t be since this would be unfair to customers who perform these functions and have their shipments ready for the driver. The way to keep pricing fair is by charging a separate accessorial fee for customers who require such servicing. Accessorial charges may also apply when shipping to certain routes.

Examples of Accessorial Fees

  • Shrink wrapping: Accessorial fees may apply when the driver has to shrink wrap a pallet or rewrap a poorly wrapped pallet.
  • Pallet jack: Any loading or unloading by the driver that requires the use of a pallet jack may also accrue the additional charge.
  • Layovers: Layover fees are a form of accessorial charge. These usually only apply if the layover is due to the customer’s actions. An example is not having the shipment ready when the carrier arrives.
  • Truck Order Not Used (TONU): Sometimes, you may have to cancel a scheduled shipment. The contract may have an established TONU stating that you will be charged for canceled orders.
  • Non-dock deliveries: Some carriers may charge an additional fee if the destination does not have a traditional dock for loading/unloading.

Find the Right Carrier

Machine Transport will put you in contact with an appropriate truckload linehaul service or other carrier. We will go over contracts with you so you know about transportation accessorial charges and other provisions.

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