LTL Consolidation for Cost-Saving Efficiency

machine transportAre you maximizing efficiency with each outbound shipment? If not, your company is spending more money than necessary on machine transport. LTL consolidation is a way of improving efficiency by maximizing the available space on your LTL or flatbed trailer.

LTL Consolidation Explained

LTL consolidation is a set of established warehouse shipment practices that maximize shipping output. The goal is to save on overhead costs by reducing the total number of outbound shipments and reducing transit times.

LTL consolidation eliminates partial shipments. Partials arise when you have to send out freight via two or more separate shipments.

If a separate freight shipment has the same destination, does sufficient space exist on the trailer or truck bed for additional pallets? How can you arrange the space to accommodate extra smaller freight?

Benefits of LTL Consolidation

  • Cut down on shipping costs
  • Reduce transit times and logistics
  • Lower your company’s carbon footprint
  • Reduce total number of outbound shipments, which in turn reduces risks and filed claims
  • More control over possible routes and shipping methods

How to Improve LTL Consolidation

We can’t stress the importance of adopting a company management and tracking system. Invest in consolidation technology and software. This will help you develop and enforce consolidated load plans. You can also choose to bring in a third-party logistics consolidation consultant.

Best practices also include strategic route planning. Identify common destinations with multi-stops and devise a plan to fill trucks to their maximum load capacity.

In addition, you must also optimize your warehouse to handle consolidated shipments. Organization ensures goods are not sent to the wrong location.

We Help With Shipment Consolidation

We can arrange for a carrier or line haul shipper that best meets your consolidation needs. Contact Machine transport to schedule your next outgoing freight package. LTL consolidation is a practice with immense cost-saving benefits.

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