Lift Director Duties During Crane Operation

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Safety is paramount, which is why a heavy machine operator needs a second set of eyes. This applies whether operating a crane, forklift, or any machinery that can cause serious bodily injury. This is where the a lift director’s duties enter the equation when prepping equipment for LTL or dedicated truck transportation.

Lift Director’s Role

A lift director is on hand not only as a vital component of crew safety but also as an OSHA requirement. OSHA outlines this exact mandate under provision 1926.1432, which covers standard operating procedures for cranes and derrick lifts.

The provision states that a qualified lift director must be present during the use of a crane. The assigned director must be identified beforehand and be a direct member of the construction or transport operation.

All safety liabilities lie on the lift director, who shares greater responsibilities than the supervisor. However, the supervisor may also assume the role of the lift director.

Lift Director Duties Explained

Lift director duties may differ depending on company and specific project. Here are the roles as defined by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers:

  • Ordering a stop to all operations if unsafe conditions are detected
  • Ensuring all preparations are in place and the area is clear before signaling the go-ahead to the crane operator.
  • Ensuring all crew members are aware of the hazards, such as operating machinery near water sources or powerlines.
  • Overseeing rigging operations and designating rigging duties to able-bodied personnel
  • Confirming rigs are properly balanced before transport to platform or trailer
  • Appointing signal people to help crane operators navigate through blind spots

We’ll Handle the Carrier Arrangements

As freight brokers, Machine Transport wants to ensure you understand the necessity of safety and compliance before proceeding with carrier transportation. Safety is non-negotiable in the heavy machinery industry, and a lift director’s duties are critical.

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