Manufacturing Industry Hacking is on the Rise

manufacturing industry hackingCyber-threats are a fact of life in the modern digital era. Significant targets include the banking, retail, and healthcare industries. While attacks on the manufacturing sector aren’t as commonplace, the industry isn’t safe by any means. In fact, manufacturing industry hacking incidents are on the rise.

More Hackers Targeting Manufacturing Companies

Obviously, Machine Transport isn’t in the cybersecurity business, but we have coordinated with many manufacturers over the years. Many have reported increased IT measures in the wake of concerns over ransomware and other malware attacks. Even the linehaul shipper and carriers we work with are increasing IT security.

Often, manufacturers and suppliers aren’t a hacker’s ultimate target. Rather, cyber-criminals use the industry as a point of entry to access the more lucrative targets. In this case, they exploit manufacturers to gain entry to retailers that receive their inventory from the suppliers.

How Manufacturers Can Protect Themselves

According to a Verizon study, 620 cyber breaches occurred in the manufacturing industry in 2016. A breach not only compromises your security but also that of the retailers you distribute to. This can seriously erode client trust.

Companies can minimize risk by adhering to these safety practices:

  • If staff are permitted to access the company database through their personal devices, be sure the devices contain strong passwords.
  • Store company data in a trusted third-party cloud storage provider.
  • Be sure virus scanners and the latest security software are up to date
  • Be sure all authorized personnel log out of their systems when not in use

Protect Your Freight Information

Schedule your next LTL or dedicated truck transport with Machine Transport. Cyber-attacks occur in the freight industry as well. We implement the latest IT solutions on our end to ensure your shipment information is safe. With hacking in the manufacturing industry on the rise, be sure to exercise IT safety and awareness.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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