Freight Shipping Seasons—When Is Freight Transportation at Its Peak?

freight shipping seasonWith the holiday season here, you may think that this is the busiest time of year for the freight industry. This actually isn’t so. We’ll break down the freight shipping seasons by industry. Knowing when shipping is at its peak will help you plan shipments accordingly.

Shipping Breakdown by Season

Winter: January through March

This is the slowest freight shipping season of the year. We like to think of this as a hangover for the industry. Carriers were extremely busy during the holiday season. With that out of the way, the trucking sector sees a drastic decline in shipment placements.

For the customer, this is also when carriers and linehaul shippers have flexible availability dates. Rates are also lowest during this time.

Spring/Early Summer: April through July

This is when businesses begin picking back up. This is also harvest season for many types of produce, so agricultural shipment is high.

Summer/Early Fall: August through Oct

This is the peak freight shipping season for numerous reasons. The retail industry sees an explosion due to back-to-school month. This is also when retailers begin preparations for the holidays. Warehouse suppliers can expect high-volume shipment orders. LTL truckers and dedicated truck transporters have no trouble finding work during this time.

Fall – November through December

This is when malls and other retail stores go into overdrive. For suppliers, though, most retailers have already placed their orders the prior season. However, you can still expect last minute orders from retailers processing short-notice requests. Suppliers and carriers are busy but not like they were in summer or early fall.

We Arrange Freight Shipping all Season

Contact Machine Transport any time of the year. We’ll do our best to find you a carrier even during the peak season. We’ll help you navigate the often-unpredictable freight shipping seasons and recommend the ideal timeframe for your next outbound shipment.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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