Warehouse Slot Optimization 101

Slot OptimizationDoes your warehouse adhere to any sort of slot optimization practice? Slot optimization refers to the strategic placement of inventory to minimize loading times. Remember, time is money; more time in the loading dock means more overhead spending and, possibly, surplus fees from the carrier. We’ll go over some best practices for placing inventory in your warehouse.

Why Slot Optimization Matters

Here are some eye-opening statistics: staff spend 55% of their time traversing the warehouse. They waste another 15% searching for items. These are fairly large percentages that can be drastically reduced with slot optimization. Strategic slotting comes into play regardless of the carrier or line haul shipper you use.

Top Slot Optimization Practices

1. Keep High-Use Inventory Up Close

You ship certain items more frequently than others. Keep the items you often ship closer to the loading dock. This minimizes staff travel time on foot. Don’t, however, place these items so close together that it causes bottlenecking among different picking groups during peak hours.

2. Slot for Better Pick Accuracy

Picking refers to the process of pulling, packing, and palletizing inventory. Don’t just focus on picking speed; also focus on accuracy. Mistakes, such as pulling the wrong item, waste time. Slotting methods, such as not placing similar items together, and stocking items with labels facing out, reduces errors.

3. Re-Slot in Accordance with Seasonal Shifts

Inventory demands change depending on time of year. Re-slot your inventory as certain items become more in demand than others. Use business intelligence software with predictive analytics to predict the items that will increase in demand in the coming weeks.

Optimize Your Warehouse

Slotting optimization helps immensely for all types of shipment, from LTL to dedicated truck transport carriers. Machine Transport has been in the industry long enough to understand why slot optimization is a time and money-saving practice.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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