Why Manufacturers Should Use Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence solutions are viable for all industries, not just office environments. We highly recommend that manufacturers and suppliers in warehouse settings adopt this form of data storage. Cloud integration for manufacturers provides real-world solutions for reducing downtime, increasing productivity, and increasing revenue.

Business Intelligence Benefits for Manufacturers

1. Assess Trends in Real Time

It’s time consuming to review lengthy spreadsheets full of numerical data. Most cloud vendors also provide the latest business intelligence (BI) tools that compile data and convert them into meaningful reports. Automatically compile data into easy-to-read charts or graphs to instantly determine the latest trends.

2. Store Data in a Single Location

Stay organized by keeping the data in a single location. This means all of your data: ranging from supply logistics to invoices and bills of lading for the company’s outgoing dedicated truck shipments.

Miscommunication can arise when you store data in multiple devices and in-house servers. Everyone stays on the same page when you collect and update data in a single spot.

3. Keep Data Safe

Most cloud vendors also implement the latest security applications to prevent hacking. One report revealed 8.63 million ransomware attacks against the manufacturing industry from October 2015 to April 2016.

4. Free Up Resources

Cloud-based business intelligence solutions automate much of what previously had to be completed manually. Time is better spent on the warehouse floor conducting inventory or prepping freight for a pending LTL shipment.

Capitalize on Technology to Improve Daily Operations

Machine Transport uses the latest cloud and BI solutions for managing day-to-day operations. This enables us to keep track of the monstrous amounts of data from clients across North America. It also helps us stay on track when arranging shipments with the dozens of common carriers and line haul shippers we collaborate with. We firmly believe cloud solutions for manufacturers is the way of the future.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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