Reefer Freight Shipping at a Glance

reefer freightReefer freight essentially refers to freight that needs refrigeration or requires temperature-controlled storage during shipment. Cargo, such as perishable foods and beverages, requires reefer LTL trucks or an insulated transportation van. This short guide outlines the basics when dealing with freight of this nature.

Reefer Freight Shipping Is Harder to Arrange

Reefer LTL generally has more limited availability compared to standard LTL shipping. Most LTL carriers operate every business day. Reefer shippers, by contrast, may only run on certain days, depending on the region. For instance, a refrigerated LTL truck may only do pickups in the Seattle area Wednesdays through Fridays. By the same token, reefer trucks may only deliver to certain areas on certain days. If it only makes a drop-off in San Antonio on Tuesdays, then the drop-off cannot occur any other day of the week.

In addition, availability may be further limited depending on other freight already scheduled for shipment. Remember that you’re sharing the space with other cargo. All freight in a reefer truck must have temperature requirements within a set range.

There are, however, also reefer dedicated truck transports that have more flexible availability times.

Reefer Freight Rates

It goes without saying that refrigerated shipping is going to cost more than standard LTL transportation. Of course, rates differ depending on the travel route, fuel prices, and so on. As of late December 2016, the national average reefer LTL rate was $1.98 per mile.

To cut down on costs, be sure your freight is ready for loading when the truck arrives. Each minute the truck idles means adding more dollars to the overhead costs.

We’ll Connect You with the Best Reefer Shippers

Contact Machine Transport if you have outbound freight for temperature-sensitive items. Arrangements are more complicated than standard freight. We’ll connect you with a common carrier or line haul shipper that can pick up your reefer freight at the desired schedule and rate.

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